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About "Change your Life" & what it includes:

  • 12 weeks long
  • 5x a week
  • Alternates between:
    • Upper/Lower/Full Body
    • Body part split
  • 2 six-week phases:
    • 1st phase: Hypertrophy focused
    • 2nd phase: Strength focused
  • Warm-up protocal
  • Core circuit
  • Cardio options
    • HIIT (High intensity interval training)
    • LISS (Low intensity steady state)
  • Space to keep track on weights
  • Brief vocab




This program is an instant digital download via email. It comes in PDF format.


Disclaimer: By engaging in these exercises/exercise program you’re agreeing to engage at your own risk, including injury. All documents that are included or purchased from Ellen Nieman should not be copied, sold, or redistributed without the express written consent of Ellen Nieman. This program is non-refundable

Change your Life

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